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Jinlun Seven advantages of veneer peeling machine

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 In Linyi alone,there are many manufacturers of veneer peeling machines.In such a third-rate city,there are so many manufacturers.If you want to have better production performance,should you focus on product innovation and own your own What about product advantages?Jinlun Machinery is one of these many manufacturers,so today we will understand what work has Jinlun done in the innovation of veneer peeling machines in order to achieve good results in the market competition?
 Jinlun Seven advantages of veneer peeling machine
 1.The veneer has high precision and fast peeling speed.

 2,the thickness of the veneer can be fine-tuned between 1.0~3.6mm.

 3,single board peeling machine frequency conversion microcomputer control,man-machine interface,joystick operation mode,simple and convenient.

 4.The knife door is automatically adjusted,and the process of rotary cutting from large diameter to small diameter is more reasonable.

 5.The nut of the veneer peeling machine is made of high wear-resistant tin bronze,with a long service life.

 6.The peeling and peeling machine is more accurate and safer.

 7.The single and double sticks are treated with hard chrome plating,which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.
veneer peeling machine
 Focusing on the production and research of veneer peeling machines has always been the service concept of Jinlun;truly thinking about customers and considering problems from the perspective of customers is the essence of Jinlun’s service.

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