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Pay attention to details when using veneer peeler

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 Before using the veneer peeler,carefully read the product manual and its functions and methods of use.You should have a general understanding of it before installing and debugging.Before starting the veneer peeler,you should carefully check all parts and check the application of all fasteners.It is in a reliable locked state,and the rotating parts are not blocked.The hydraulic,pneumatic and electrical controls in the veneer peeler should be operated strictly in accordance with the instructions.Between the two knife rest rollers of the veneer peeler People are not allowed to stand,the lubrication parts should be filled with lubricating oil regularly,and the veneer curling is usually caused by the knife door being too narrow or the knife holder being too high.The solution is very simple,which means that the two ram screws need to be screwed.Loosen the adjusting screw,widen the door of the knife,lower the height of the knife,and tighten the screw,so that the problem of veneer rolling can be solved.

 When the veneer peeler is running,do not wipe or maintain the equipment during operation to avoid danger.Do not drink alcohol or take drugs during working hours.Before starting the equipment,check whether the parts of the machine are normal and whether there is any damage.If there are parts that need to be replaced in time,you should have good habits in the maintenance of the equipment,small maintenance every day,and regular maintenance once to ensure that the machine can be used better.The veneer peeler is installing knives First,put the knife in the knife slot,screw on one of the nuts,use the height of the middle line of the chuck shaft as a standard,and rotate the top knife bolt to set the knife height at both ends,and the knife height at both ends should be level.Condition,set the height of the middle again,and fix all the nuts tightly.It should be noted that the middle of the blade is 0.1-0.2mm higher than the two ends,so that when the diameter of the rotary cutting is small,it will not be caused by the extrusion of the wood.Curved

 The above are some taboos that you should pay attention to when using the veneer peeler.I hope you must keep it in mind when you work.

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