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Adjustment of knife height and knife seam of veneer peeling machine

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 When the equipment leaves the factory,we have adjusted the height of the veneer peeling machine knife.The standard is that the fixed knife bolt under the veneer peeling machine blade is 145mm.In principle,the blade height of the veneer peeling machine should be 0--1mm higher than the log center.If the wood trembles when the veneer peeling machine is tested,it means that the blade is high or low,and the blade should be adjusted upwards until the wood does not tremble.If you find that the cutting resistance is too large and the skin is broken during the peeling,the obvious white mark under the blade is longer(generally 3--4mm is appropriate),indicating that the height of the knife is high,and the veneer peeling machine knife should be adjusted down to the appropriate level until.
Adjustment of knife height and knife seam of veneer peeling machine
 According to the required thickness of the board,the diameter of the combined wood and log should be adjusted in time to adjust the slit x7,generally x7 is adjusted to about half the thickness of the board,and the left and right requirements are the same.For large diameter logs,x7 should be appropriately increased.When the knife seam is sharp,it should be adjusted properly to ensure that the board is flat and smooth,the uniformity is good,and the diameter of the wooden shaft is uniform.
veneer peeling machine
 Intuitively,it can detect and adjust the gap between the pressure ruler roller and the blade surface,which is generally slightly larger than the thickness of the plate.The specific adjustment method is to loosen the fixing bolts on the bending plates on both sides of the upper part of the knife body seat,and adjust back and forth with the top wire.If the front side of the top is large,otherwise the top wire behind the top,and the corresponding top wire is retracted or advanced accordingly Tighten after proper adjustment.

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