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Advantages and disadvantages of veneer peeling machine

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 As the original wood machinery,the veneer peeler has played a very important role in the development of our society.On this basis,according to the technical requirements of the veneer peeling machine,we can automatically adjust the given speed of the veneer peeling machine according to the actual diameter of the log to ensure the uniform thickness of the veneer.At this time,a special Frequency converter.The advantages of the veneer peeler are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Advantages and disadvantages of veneer peeling machine
 1.Real-time dynamic high-speed calculation ensures that the thickness of the peeling cut is always maintained at the set value,so that the uniformity error of the veneer is within±0.1mm under normal peeling conditions.In some mechanical equipment,the lubricity is good,and the connection process is accurate,and the error can be within±0.05mm.

 2.Strong adaptability.Designed with a wide range of working voltage in accordance with the characteristics of the use of the veneer peeler.In the case of voltage fluctuations,the output torque is kept constant,and the normal operation of the rotary cutting can be satisfied at 60°or more of the rated voltage.This technology is particularly effective for many occasions where the rural power grid environment is poor.

 3.Wide speed range is adjustable,the rotary cutting speed is fast,the efficiency is high,and it can meet the requirements of the high speed of the board.

 4.For complex rotary cutting objects,the starting torque is large to ensure that the motor has strong cutting force and uniform output during low-speed heavy cutting.To ensure the stability of the rotary cutting and high-speed stop and restart the work.

 5.Super deceleration and braking ability to ensure that the tool table stops instantly.
veneer peeling
 The above are the five advantages of the veneer peeler.While there are advantages,there are also disadvantages.There is a problem that is always puzzling to our customers,that is,how does the veneer peeler always squeeze the wood?How to solve this problem?Is there something wrong with the"knife"?Let us analyze it together below:

 (1)Slowly when approaching the knife.
 (2)The wood is not straight and can’t bite.
 (3)Find tips when turning on the machine.
 (4)The teeth on the single and double rolls have been gnawed for too long and smoothed.
 (5)The knife is too high or the knife edge is too small,resulting in too much pressure during rotary cutting,and it is easy to squeeze when the wood is too dry.
 (6)The knife height is not consistent on both sides,the feed on both sides of the knife bed is not consistent,or the pressure roller height is not consistent.

 Everything has two sides,and the existing drawbacks require us to work hard to overcome,summarize experience and lessons,and prepare for better innovation and research and development in the future!For those who want to know about Jinlun Machinery’s technical improvements in veneer peeling machines,please click to view related articles!

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