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Advantages of spindle veneer peeling machine.

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    Spindle veneer peeling machines have played an important role in the development of the wood industry. With the increase in the types of wood machinery, it is also a difficult problem for many manufacturers to choose wood processing machinery. So how can we choose high-quality wood processing machinery? What about wood processing machinery? For example, the spindle veneer peeling machine has been favored by customers. Why is this kind of equipment recognized by consumers? What are the main reasons?
Advantages of spindle veneer peeling machine.
    There are many factors that determine the sales of a product, and there are many factors that determine the sales of the product. The quality, appearance, and scale of the manufacturer all have a very important impact on the sales of the product. For the spindle veneer peeler, it is determined There are also these aspects of the spindle veneer peeler. Doing the following aspects can better guarantee the quality of our products!

    First, according to the detection data of the knife bed displacement sensor, real-time high-speed calculation of the knife bed feed speed, the thickness of the veneer is uniform, the precision is high, and the surface is smooth.

    Second, the cutting thickness can be set continuously, and the thickness error of 0.1mm can meet the requirements of different specifications.

    Third, the speed range is 1.00-600.00Hz, the speed is closed-loop control, the response is fast, the accuracy is high, and it fully meets the requirements of rapid feed in the later stage of the rotary cutting.

    Fourth, the starting torque can reach 150% of the rated output at 0Hz, ensuring that the motor has a strong cutting force during low-speed heavy cutting.

    Fifth, simple structure, low cost, high reliability, simple installation and debugging, and convenient operation by workers.
spindle veneer peeling machine
    Do a good job in the performance and quality of the spindle veneer peeling machine, so that the spindle veneer peeling machine can achieve better sales, so that our company can develop better and faster. Friends who want to know some basic knowledge about the spindle veneer peeling machine, please click to view the content of the related article!

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