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Application common sense of veneer peeling machine

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 In recent years,many manufacturers have set their sights on the single-board skinned body.In the end,what kind of machine is the veneer peeling and peeling machine that can win the love of so many manufacturers?Let us take a look at this veneer peeling machine.
Application common sense of veneer peeling machine
 Veneer peeling machine is the main equipment for the production of wood-based panels.With the development of wood-based panel industry,the market competitiveness is strong,and the ability to survive and develop is strong.In the management work,any management is very important to improve the overall quality of the enterprise,and equipment management is one of them.

 Veneer peeling machine can save the floor space of mechanical products to the greatest extent and maximize the use value of the products.The product of the veneer peeling machine is the re-integration and optimization of the veneer peeling machine.The two-in-one structure greatly improves the utilization rate of the site,reduces the number of personnel used,and reduces the area occupied by the operator.Downsizing and improving production efficiency are very attractive to wood processing companies.

 The working principle of the veneer peeling machine:through the wood rotation and the intelligent linear feed of the knife table,the purpose of the veneer peeling is completed.During the veneer peeling process,the speed of the single and double rollers is constant,and the wood decreases with the diameter of the wood.The feed is fed back to the frequency converter through the displacement sensor,and the frequency converter outputs the corresponding Hertz to speed up the operation of the motor,and further increase the speed of the screw rod to make the tool table advance quickly to complete the final cutting.
veneer peeling machine
 Our veneer peeling all-in-one machine is so professional.We have higher and higher requirements for the quality of the veneer peeling all-in-one machine.The veneer peeled from the veneer is not only flat and smooth,but also more strictly uniform.,This requires the veneer peeling machine manufacturer to strive for perfection in every piece of equipment,whether it is from the purchase of steel,the selection of finished parts such as reducers,bearings,motors,and the processing of the three major parts.The slightest sloppy(not to use fake and shoddy products for cheap).Every link up to the installation of the whole machine must be checked carefully and responsible at all levels,and qualified products will be carefully manufactured and put on the market.When customers buy new equipment,they are no longer cheaper than others,but better than quality,materials,and services.Some customers come directly to the factory to buy,that is,they understand the scale and strength of the factory,and also look at it.A genuine product has arrived.

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