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Application of all-in-one veneer peeling machine

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 The veneer debarking integrated machine can effectively reduce the diameter of the wood peeling to the minimum,and it can also make full use of the wood that cannot be peeled by the card peeling machine.While protecting the resources,it also maximizes the use of the remaining wood.The wood board processed by the veneer peeling integrated machine has a uniform thickness and a smooth surface;the structure of the machine is relatively simple,and the operation and maintenance are very convenient.It really brings people benefits,as long as we pay attention to the method when using it,and use the machine reasonably And maintenance can extend the service life of the veneer peeling machine.
Application of all-in-one veneer peeling machine
 What to do if there is a problem with the veneer peeling machine at work?To solve the problem,we must understand the cause of the problem and find the root cause of the problem,so that we can prescribe the right medicine and find the entanglement of the problem.

 In the process of peeling,the thickness of the two ends of the remaining wooden shaft is inconsistent,and the board surface is fan-shaped.Reason analysis:the height of the two ends of the peeling knife is inconsistent,and the slits at both ends of the peeling knife are inconsistent;the support bearing of the single flower roller is damaged.Solution:Adjust the height of the peeling knife and the slit of the knife to be the same;replace the single flower roller support bearing.

 If it occurs during the peeling process:The thickness of the veneer is periodically uneven.Analysis of the cause:the yin and yang sides of the wood are too heavy;the blade height of the peeling knife is too high or too low;the bearing clearance of the single or double flower roller is too large.Solution:Choose high-quality wood;correctly adjust the height of the peeling knife to the appropriate position;replace the damaged bearings of the single and double rollers in time.
Application of all-in-one veneer peeling machine
 The main feature of the veneer peeling machine is that it overcomes the difficult adjustments of the old cardless peeling machine,the front and back error is large,the cut product is uneven in thickness,and it is not easy to repair.Now the appearance of the veneer peeling machine is the most prominent The advantage is that the parameters can be set according to the user’s needs,so it is especially suitable for the automatic adjustment of the peeler,and has strong anti-interference ability.This not only inherits the simple operation of the original peeling machine,but also realizes fully automatic work by relying on the computer PLC.

 We believe that the veneer peeling machine will play a greater role in the future development and promote the development of the wood industry faster.

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