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Attention problems when using automatic debarker

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 Automatic debarker,as an equipment in the wood industry,the use of automatic debarker not only improves the precision and quality of veneer production,but also improves the efficiency and automation of production.The automatic debarker is simple to use and saves energy.It is not too difficult to repair if damage occurs.If you should pay attention to the following points when using it.
Attention problems when using automatic debarker
 Before using the automatic debarker,check the firmness of the rotating parts.The inspection parts include:bearing seat,universal joint,fly cutter plate seat,fly cutter compression screw,sprocket,reducer,etc.

 Automatic debarker chain adjustment and oil filling:Check the tightness of the chain before use,and it is advisable to swing the chain up and down 1cm tightly.Sprockets and chains should be oiled once every shift to ensure their service life.

 The direction of rotation of the automatic debarker cutter head:facing the feed port,the cutter head rotates clockwise.If the cutter head is working,if there is a squeaking and rubbing sound,please stop the machine immediately and open the cutter head cover inspection window to eliminate the fault.

 If the automatic debarker peeling is not clean,the motor cannot be started or the knife cannot be retracted automatically,the reason is that the knife is low and the knife seam is too small.Solution:Refer to the knife adjustment diagram to adjust the knife height and knife seam.
 The automatic debarker is plugged in,the indicator light is on,but the motor cannot start.Solution:Pay attention to whether the power supply is lack of phase or the main control line is dashed.Carefully overhaul the power and control lines and the main stop button.

 Automatic debarker cannot retract the tool automatically.It may be because the limit switch and the retract control circuit are open.Solution:Replace the travel switch and repair the circuit.

 If these small faults occur when using the automatic debarker,we don’t have to panic.According to the points we said,we can easily solve it.We hope that our automatic debarker will bring more economic benefits to our customers.

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