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Automated debarker wins market acceptance

TAG:debarker  Automated debarker  2022-7-27693People viewed
 Do we all know the production principle of debarker?When we understand its principle,we find that it is not as difficult as imagined.The degree of automation of debarker is getting higher and higher,the technology is getting more and more mature,and the design of debarker is becoming more and more user-friendly,and it is more and more convenient to operate.,The hydraulic feeding mechanism is adopted,so that the feeding and retracting of the knife are very fast,and the feeding pressure can be adjusted and displayed,so that it can well adapt to the peeling and rounding of different woods.Generally speaking,one peeling machine can supply 2 rotary cutting machines to work normally,so that the original two processes of manual peeling and rounding can be omitted,which not only saves time but also saves 5-6 manpower.In this way,the production cost is relatively reduced and the production efficiency is improved.Your own product is more prominent,and continuing to increase automation is a good approach.

 The realization of automation allows us to save manpower,material resources and financial resources,and saves a lot of costs for the development of our enterprise.The current debarker operation is very simple,and the requirements for labor are not high.Generally,after a simple understanding,all is operable.Debarker should further improve the quality of products,continuously improve the technical level of production,increase the degree of automation,reduce the pressure on enterprises,save more costs for enterprises,improve the quality of products,firmly follow the quality line,and let customers identify our products,to win market recognition.,for our business to bring more economic benefits.

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