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Autumn maintenance of the veneer peeling machine

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 In autumn,the weather becomes cooler,but to be more precise,the temperature difference between morning and evening should be large.At this time,people should pay attention to keeping warm,and pay attention to the health of the body.The veneer peeling machine also needs to be maintained.From now on,the temperature has dropped a little bit,especially the northern climate is extremely cold.
Autumn maintenance of the veneer peeling machine
 Regardless of the length of use of the veneer peeling machine,it is necessary to prepare products such as lubricating oil for maintenance.After get off work every day,although there is no need to carry out large-scale regular maintenance every day,every day after the mechanical equipment stops operating,the The power is turned off and cleaning is required.After removing the wood residue,apply lubricant to the surface where the veneer peeling machine is not covered by paint for maintenance.

 Pay attention to the surrounding safety matters.The safety here refers to personal safety and machine safety.Since the veneer peeling machine uses high-voltage electricity,it is very dangerous for the operator if the operation is improper.Similarly,if the operator improperly manipulates the machine,it may cause damage to the machine.

 Inspection of the single board peeling machine before starting up,the operator should carefully check whether the connection lines of the machine are intact and whether the order of the connection lines is correct,so as to avoid short circuit,fire and explosion.
veneer peeling machine
 Small items that we check every day:whether the cooling fan is operating correctly,and whether the environmental cooling device can operate normally.

 In addition to these,there are some tips:timely check whether the digital display of the machine is normal,whether there is any sudden noise during operation,and the netting device should be cleaned and cleaned on time,and attention should be paid to the damage to the machine by dust.

 In short,we must pay attention to the small details of the veneer peeling machine,and maintain it on time to delay the service life of the veneer peeling machine.

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