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CNC veneer peeling machine can make full use of wood

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 With the increase in the amount of wood used nowadays,the peeling machine is also driven.The CNC veneer peeling machine is a relatively high-use mechanical equipment in the current market.In the past,many All of the CNC veneer peeling machines are wasteful,so the current new CNC veneer peeling machines are favored by current manufacturers.
CNC veneer peeling machine can make full use of wood
 After many years in the current market,the CNC veneer peeling machine has the advantages of wood waste,so that a new type of machine has been produced so that it has a certain degree of sensitivity,relatively fast in the speed of peeling,and has the advantages of high efficiency..Some round logs can also be peeled in the CNC veneer peeling machine when the diameter is only 300 cm,and the wood core can be peeled to a diameter of up to three centimeters,which is conducive to sufficient wood resources.Utilization,thereby greatly reducing the cost of production.The cardless CNC veneer peeling machine utilizes the cam feed structure,and the cam is made of high-quality steel and carburized,which is durable.The roller is treated with chromium to improve the wear resistance of the stick.

 The new type of CNC veneer peeling machine is based on the perspective of reducing costs,thereby improving the level of automation and broadening the processing range,so that plc is used as the main control core of the CNC veneer peeling machine,which is controlled by frequency conversion speed control Veneer peeling.As a result of the new structure and the design idea ofthe integrated electromechanical system.Therefore,the new type of CNC veneer peeling machine has a higher degree of automation,which can improve the utilization rate of wood and the overall structure of the machine body is simple and simple.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 It can be seen that as the current use of CNC veneer peeling machine,the utilization rate in the current market is relatively large,and it is favored by current board manufacturers,and its skills are environmentally friendly.

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