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Cardless CNC veneer peeling machine adjusts the uniformity of veneer

 Use woodworking machinery and equipment to develop a good habit.Before using the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine,you should carefully pay attention to the various conditions of the machine and equipment to ensure that the equipment can operate normally without malfunctions.Operators should not wear loose clothing,let alone drunk operations.Prevent the risk of twisting into clothes and pants.
Cardless CNC veneer peeling machine adjusts the uniformity of veneer
 The rotation speed of woodworking machinery and equipment is higher than usual.The high-speed rotation is mainly to better prevent the wood from cracking,but it also creates dangerous factors for the operating staff.In many cases,it is all hand-made feeding materials and drilling at high speed The lower speed of the knife is faster and it is very easy to get hurt,so everyone should pay attention to it when operating.Generally speaking,the natural environment of the operation is very noisy,coupled with other obvious noise,long-term high-noise working environment will make the operating staff feel upset and tired,resulting in lack of concentration and safety accidents.If you encounter a real-time situation during the entire application process,you must immediately turn off the switching power supply.

 The veneer peeler equipment is divided into cardless and cardless equipment,and is divided into two types:general and CNC machine tools.CNC machine tools are intelligent and fully intelligent operation,only the thickness and length of the veneer and other basic parameters are good,Press the button and the device will automatically perform the peeling work of the wood,the whole process does not require human participation,the operation is convenient,and the safety factor is high.According to the veneer of different thickness,the cutting speed can be accurately transmitted to the soft starter in real time,which can ensure that the veneer is evenly thin and thick,smooth and flat,and uniform in length,making the production of double boards more convenient and simple.

 The cardless CNC veneer peeling machine can automatically adjust the uniformity of the skin surface.When the basic parameters are good,it can automatically peel the production and process the double plate.In addition to environmental protection and energy saving time,it also further improves the rotation The cutting efficiency is high,which maximizes the profit of the wood peeling and reduces the consumption of wood,which is especially suitable for the requirements of customers for mass production of double boards.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 The cardless CNC veneer peeling machine has fast response and high precision.The whole process of rotary cutting is based on the inspection data of the knife bed movement sensor,which can measure the cutting speed of the knife bed in real time,and peel out a thin and even skin surface.Moreover,the thickness of the peeling can be set independently,which can consider different requirements.The use of CNC machine tools on the veneer peeling machine not only reflects the high efficiency improvement,but also this product is more intelligent,which can save a lot of human capital for customers and greatly increase the total output of peeling skin.

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