JinLun machine factory produces veneer peeling and debarker.

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China’s Shandong Feixian Jinlun investment promotion activities in progress!

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 The continuous improvement of manufacturing process and good reputation have won the trust and welcome of customers.

 The production of rotary cutting machine from the selection of raw materials to production and the final quality inspection link are the implementation of military management,the product pass rate is controlled to more than 99%,to ensure that every user is using the best of the best.Join China Feixian Jinlun machinery factory to get more profits with small investment,because the products of Feixian Jinlun have a good reputation at home and abroad,high product popularity and high market share.Join us and make progress hand in hand!

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 National toll free hotline:400-839-8077Sales


 Supervision telephone:17806115800(Tongwei)

 Email:jinlun.NO.1 vip.163.com

 Official website:https://www.rotarycutting.com/

 Address:111 South Outer Ring Road,Feixian County,Shandong Province,China

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