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Commissioning and operation of veneer peeling machine

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 1.After installing the veneer peeling machine,after cleaning all parts,add lubricating oil to all moving parts such as the tightening screw,feed screw,dovetail guide rail,hanging wheel frame,square seat,and feed nut seat.After the large and small gears are coated with grease,run the machine empty for 10 minutes to observe whether the bearings,motors,etc.generate heat and whether there is any abnormal sound.If any problems are found,eliminate them immediately.
Commissioning and operation of veneer peeling machine
 2.Before turning on the fast-forward and fast-rewind motor,the clutch coupling should be disconnected from the gear to start the fast-forward and fast-rewind motor.After driving back and forth several times,add the dovetail guide rail,feed screw,and feed nut seat.Lubricating oil.

 3.Before turning on the main motor,apply grease to the cast iron disc on the inner side of the large gear,and lubricate both sides of the clamping nut.After the main motor is started,close the clutch,the tool holder will feed automatically,add lubricating oil to the hanging wheel frame,and you can start working after several rounds of trials.

 4.Before leaving the factory,the height of the rotary cutter and the height of the pressure ruler roller have been installed and adjusted,and generally cannot be moved.According to the thickness of the peeling veneer,select the changing gear,properly adjust the gap between the peeling knife and the pressure ruler roller,and after proper adjustment,fix the pressure ruler roller support with bolts.The rotary cutter should be sharp,otherwise it will make the unscrewed veneer not smooth or easily drill the core.
veneer peeling machine
 5.According to the length of the wood(usually 1.3 meters),fix the left chuck at a suitable position,lift the wood,and start the clamping motor to initially clamp the wood,and then clamp it again(you can step on the brake belt).Jog the fast-forward motor to advance the tool post to a proper position(not too close to the wood to prevent collision).Turn on the main engine and close the clutch to make the tool post feed automatically and enter the cutting state.

 6.When the wood is rounded to about 200mm,apply a pressure bar to properly pressurize the wood to prevent the axe from jumping.

 7.When the diameter of the wood is 80mm,the main motor should be stopped in time,the clutch should be opened,and then quickly backed down.At the same time,press the release button,and then click the clamping motor to loosen the wood and the wood core will fall.

 8.When the diameter of peeling wood is larger than 250----300mm,a large chuck must be used.When the diameter of the wood is 150mm,the large chuck must be replaced,and the small chuck shall be used to continue peeling until 80mm.

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