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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of veneer peeling machine

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 Veneer peeling machines are often seen in our lives.Everyone knows that it is a kind of wood processing machinery.Then there will be some problems frequently during our use.Let’s take a look at these failures.To process.
Common faults and troubleshooting methods of veneer peeling machine

 What are the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the veneer peeler?

 1.When the power is turned on,the indicator light is on,and the motor cannot start.Reason:lack of power phase or virtual connection of main control line.Solution:Check and repair the power and control wires and the main stop button.

 2.The board skin becomes thin and thick.Reason:The knife is high or low,the knife seam is inconsistent with the knife feed wheel,and the wood is on the yin and yang side.Solution:Adjust the height of the knife according to the knife adjustment chart,adjust to the seam and hanging wheel,and replace the wood.

 3.Automatic feed in during normal peeling,and stop at every time.the reason:

 (1)Virtual connection of feed circuit;
 (2)The electromagnetic clutch is slipping and the knife is too high.


 (1)Check whether the feed line is virtual connected;
 (2)Clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel and adjust the knife height.

 4.The board skin is thick at the front and thin at the back.Reason:The knife is low and the knife seam is too small.Solution:Refer to the knife adjustment diagram to adjust the knife height and knife seam.

 5.The tool does not retract automatically when it hits the back travel switch.Reason:The travel switch and the tool retract control circuit are open.Solution:Replace the travel switch and repair the circuit.

 6.When the tool is automatically retracted,the travel switch does not stop after hitting,and the main stop button does not work.Reason:The contact point of the retracted tool will not be sintered.Solution:Grind the contacts and replace the new contactor.

 7.The thickness of the cross-section of the plate is uneven.Reason:The blade is not straight,and the size of the slit is inconsistent.Solution:sharpen the knife again and adjust the blade edge.

 8.The board cannot be connected.Reason:The knife is too high or too low,the knife seam is not well matched with the knife feed wheel,the yin and yang side.Solution:Adjust the height of the knife,the hanging wheel of the knife seam and the knife,and replace the wood.
Veneer peeling machine

 Veneer peeling machine

 The above is about the fault of the Veneer peeling machine and the troubleshooting method.If you encounter the problem described above,you can use the corresponding solution to deal with it to see if it can solve your problem.Jinlun editor here sincerely hopes that it can help everyone.If you want to know about other problems about the veneer peeler,please continue to pay attention to us!

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