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Common problems of spindle veneer peeling machine.

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 The work efficiency of the spindle veneer peeling machine is also inseparable from the daily maintenance and maintenance.No matter how well maintained,the veneer peeler will have some minor problems.So when we use it,what problems often occur?Let’s take a closer look now!
Common problems of spindle veneer peeling machine.
 Automatically feed the knife during normal rotary cutting,and stop while advancing.

 the reason:
 (1)Virtual connection of feed circuit;
 (2)The electromagnetic clutch is slipping and the knife is too high.

 (1)Check whether the feed line is imaginary connected;
 (2)Clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel and adjust the knife height.

 When the tool is automatically retracted,the travel switch does not stop after hitting,and the main stop button does not work.

 Reason:The contact point of the retracted tool is sintered and does not loosen.

 Method:Re-sharpening the knife and adjusting the blade edge.

 Veneer peeling machine will make a lot of noise during operation

 Reason:The rotor of the motor and the rotor of the wood flour machine are not concentric,which will make the bearing bear additional load impact,resulting in overheating of the bearing.

 Solution:When this problem occurs during the operation of the veneer peeling machine,the bearing must be removed in time to repair the worn part,and then reinstalled and used at boot.

 What is the reason for the total change of the knife stitch of the veneer peeling machine?

 Veneer peeling machine generally has two situations:

 One:When the diameter of the wooden shaft is large.

 Two:When the wood core is rotated.One situation is because the knife edge is too large or the single roll is too low,that is,the pressure is usually low.The second case is because the knife edge is too small or the single roll is too high,usually the pressure is high.

 The wood is jammed by the machine

 First of all,let’s understand that the saw blade is not tightened or the saw blade is aging and there is no saw path;

 Secondly,the belt or transmission gear is slipping or damaged and needs to be adjusted or replaced;

 The wood is too hard and does not match the power of the machine,for example,the motor is too small or the input line core is too thin,the voltage is too low,and the speed is not enough.
veneer peeling machine
 Of course,there are many other factors.The angle of the cutter head or saw blade needs to be adjusted to reduce excessive resistance,and the cutter head or saw blade needs to be sharpened to ensure the sharpness;users can check one by one according to the specific situation.,The source of the problem should be found.

 Spindle veneer peeler is a very important mechanical equipment in the wood industry.The performance of the veneer peeler directly affects whether the veneer peeler equipment can work normally.Therefore,we must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine.

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