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Common sense of spindle veneer peeling machine.

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 Veneer peeling is one of the main equipment for producing plywood, which is divided into spindle and cardless veneer peeling machine. With the advancement of technology, CNC technology is also used in the production of peeling machine. In recent years, CNC veneer peeling machines have appeared.
Common sense of spindle veneer peeling machine.
 The emergence of CNC veneer peeling machine not only improves the quality and accuracy of the production of veneer,but also greatly improves the production efficiency and the automation of the whole machine.The cardless CNC veneer peeler is a plywood production line or a veneer production line Important equipment,mainly used for the secondary utilization of the remaining(or round)wood core of the veneer peeling machine with the chuck shaft,and the wood cores with different lengths within a certain diameter range.Veneers of different thicknesses have small peeling diameters.
Features of Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine

 Features of Spindle Veneer Peeling Machine:

 1.Using servo motor to drive precision screw feed;
 2.To change the thickness of the plate,only the number of the plate thickness needs to be input,without changing the gear,and the rotary cutting precision is high;
 3.Different wood species can also be peeled together without affecting the board thickness;
 4.The surface finish is good,and it is not sensitive to the yin and yang side of the wood;
 5.Power saving,simple operation and convenient maintenance;
Veneer peeling machine

 Veneer peeling machine

 The above is the content of some basic common sense about the veneer peeling machine,I hope it can help everyone.If you want to know about other questions about the spindle veneer peeler,please continue to pay attention to us!

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