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Correct use of shaftless veneer peeling machine

 Today,I will explain to you the correct way to use the shaftless veneer peeling machine.Many people will wonder if there is anything to see.When you buy it,you will feel free to explore it.If you have this kind of idea,then you are very wrong.The method of using the shaftless veneer peeler is very important,which is related to your output,quality and efficiency.If you use the method incorrectly,you will find that compared with others,you will find that the quality and efficiency are far inferior to others,so it is very necessary to learn how to use the shaftless veneer peeler.Let’s follow the editor to learn it!

 In the process of using the veneer peeling machine,the user must have a deep grasp of the cutting process parameters when using the CNC shaftless veneer peeling machine for high-quality fast cutting.Only in this case can they wait The CNC axisless veneer peeling machine exerts its maximum efficiency,and the workpieces it cuts will also achieve the best results.The veneers produced naturally meet the high-precision requirements.If you are not familiar with the cutting process parameters,the precision of the veneer produced is naturally not high,and the rest is reversed.
Correct use of shaftless veneer peeling machine
 When the CNC shaftless veneer peeling machine cuts the workpiece,it is very important to adjust the cutting current of the machine plasma power supply.It is the most important cutting process parameter,which directly determines the thickness and speed of the cutting,that is,the cutting ability.A very critical step in the production process.What will happen if the cutting process parameters are not set properly?First of all,it will be directly expressed as the following several forms of selection of the cutting current of the CNC shaftless veneer peeling machine:the cutting current of the CNC shaftless veneer peeling machine increases,the plasma arc energy increases,the cutting ability increases,and the cutting speed is Increase accordingly.Therefore,the operator must correctly select the cutting current and the corresponding nozzle according to the thickness of the material before cutting to ensure that the veneer produced is more in line with the needs of the user.
veneer peeling machine
 Notes on the use of shaftless veneer peeling machine

 1.Before use,check and confirm that the motor and cable are normal,the protective grounding is good,the protective device is safe and effective,the saw blade selection meets the requirements,and the installation is correct.

 2.After starting,it should run without load,check and confirm that the saw blade is running in the correct direction,the lifting mechanism is flexible,there is no abnormality or abnormal noise during operation,and the operation can be performed after everything is normal.

 3.The operator should press the workpiece tightly with both hands,and evenly feed the material.When advancing the CNC shaftless veneer peeling machine,do not use excessive force.Do not wear gloves during operation.

 4.The cutting thickness should be carried out in accordance with the factory nameplate of the machine,and no ultra-thick cutting is allowed.

 5.When the workpiece is sent to a distance of 300mm from the saw blade or when cutting small pieces of material,special tools should be used to feed the material,and the material should not be directly pushed by hand.

 6.During operation,when the workpiece has impact,beating or abnormal sound,it should be shut down immediately for inspection,and the operation can be continued after troubleshooting.

 7.It is strictly forbidden to inspect and repair all parts during operation.Debris on the saw table and in the saw crevice of the component should be removed in time with special tools,and must not be picked up or wiped by hand.

 8.After the operation,the machine body should be cleaned,the saw blade should be dried,the remaining water in the water tank should be drained,the cable should be recovered,and stored in a dry and ventilated place.

 Shaftless veneer peeling machine

 The above is about the correct use of the shaftless veneer peeling machine.I hope to help everyone.Only by learning the correct use of the veneer peeling machine,why worry about quality and efficiency?If you want to know about other problems of the veneer peeling machine,please click to view related articles!

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