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Debarker, essential equipment for wood processing

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 Debarker is a special equipment specially designed for wood production,which greatly facilitates wood production plants.

 Debarker has its own advantages,whether it is from the production or the net speed of the skin is very good market demand,so more and more people are buying round machines.
Debarker, essential equipment for wood processing
 In the past,the circle-finding machine required manual participation in many activities,and the degree of automation was low.When the equipment is working,special personnel are required to feed and feed the machine.Therefore,at least 2 people can ensure its normal operation.This not only wastes time,but also wastes time.Manpower,the new type of circle finding machine developed now pays more attention to automatic intelligence,not only can perfectly realize the function of peeling and finding circle,but also realize the function of automatic wood loading and unloading,and it can work for two rotary cutting machines at the same time,which greatly reduces The number of staff has improved production efficiency and at the same time liberated the staff’s labor force,allowing them to devote more energy to other tasks.The degree of automation is high,so the current Debarker operations are very simple,and the manual requirements are not high.As long as the staff has operating experience,they can generally be operated after a simple understanding.Advancing and retreating rotary cutting,skinning and rounding,adopting double-patterned roller box to advance and retreat,enhance the stability of the machine tool in work,the single-patterned roller box of the turret will not appear large shaking,thus greatly improving the service life of the machine tool.
 Optimize product performance.No matter how good it is,it’s not as good as actual action.The high-quality performance of the round-finding machine itself is more realistic than any rhetoric.This is what customers care most about and the easiest to see,so we need to increase the round-finding machine.Optimize and strengthen,integrate the performance of hydraulic circle finder,Debarker and other products,compare related products of brother companies,learn from,strengthen industry knowledge training,and use strong strength to speak,and the effect will be better.Improve the existing Debarker customer service,after-sales maintenance,regular feedback,enhance customer satisfaction,and enhance mutual trust

 So you deserve to have this kind of peeling and rounding!

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