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Debarker brings us economic benefits

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 In the past,the debarker required manual participation in many activities,and the degree of automation was low.When the equipment was working,specialized personnel were required to feed and feed the machine.Therefore,at least two people can ensure its normal operation.This not only wastes time,but also wastes manpower.The new debarker developed now pays more attention to automation and intelligence.It can not only perfectly realize the function of peeling and rounding,but also realize the function of automatic wood loading and unloading.It can also work for two rotary cutting machines at the same time,which greatly reduces the number of staff.Improved production efficiency,but also liberated the staff’s labor force,allowing them to devote more energy to other tasks.The higher the degree of automation,the lower the production cost of the enterprise,which is conducive to the price advantage of the enterprise in the fierce market competition.
Debarker brings us economic benefits
 debarker is to load logs,branches and other wood into the drum,close the feed baffle,start the machine,and run in a clockwise direction.The wood runs in the drum with the operation of the machine,so that the peeling knife can peel off the skin on the wood.After fifteen minutes,turn off the machine,open the discharge baffle,then turn on the machine and run it counterclockwise for two minutes.The peeled wood can be automatically sent out from the drum.The stripping rate can reach 95%.

 Debarker has its own advantages.The plywood market needs debarker to help us.Debarker is very good in terms of production speed and net skin rate,so more and more people are buying.

 With the advent of the new economic era and the acceleration of economic globalization,technological progress and technological innovation are becoming the driving force of economic development.The market is changing rapidly,and fierce competition in technology and the market often affects the development of enterprises.It can bring risks and challenges to enterprises as well as business opportunities.In the fierce market competition,enterprises have to face the competition of domestic enterprises as well as the competition of international multinational companies.Whether enterprises can continue to develop new technologies and new products required by the market in accordance with the needs and changes of the market,it depends Corresponding development strategies need to be adopted,which is the key to the survival and development of enterprises in the competition.The competition between enterprises is not only a competition on scale,but more importantly,a contest of technological innovation strength between enterprises.
 Debarker has brought earth-shaking changes to our economic development,and work efficiency has also been greatly improved.

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