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Development of Energy-saving CNC Veneer Peeling Machine

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 The development path for the rational and effective use of resources in our country is still a rugged and long road.Although the road to sustainable development in our country has gone through several heat and cold,the concept of energy saving and environmental protection has not penetrated everyone’s bones,and some people don’t even have this awareness!Energy saving is mainly reflected in industrial production.CNC veneer peeling machines are the main machinery in the wood processing industry.We all know that the share of wood in our country is declining every year.Although the CNC veneer peeling machines currently used in my country are growing To a certain extent,the purpose of saving wood has been achieved,but there are still many deficiencies in some functions.
Development of Energy-saving CNC Veneer Peeling Machine
 CNC veneer peeling machine is divided into two types:card and non-card.The CNC veneer peeling machine with card cannot process the wood in detail,which causes a lot of waste of wood.Although the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine can just solve this problem.The working principle of the CNC cardless CNC veneer peeling machine is to complete the peeling purpose through wood rotation and the intelligent linear feed of the knife table.During the peeling process,the speed of the single and double rollers is constant.The wood is reduced with the diameter of the wood,and the knife table advances.Feed back to the frequency converter through the displacement sensor,and the frequency converter outputs the corresponding Hertz to speed up the motor operation,and further increase the screw speed to make the tool table advance quickly and complete the final cutting.It seems that with the cooperation of the two equipment,the wood has been reasonably used,but there are still many deficiencies in the operation of the cardless CNC veneer peeler,which requires technological development to make up for these deficiencies.
CNC Veneer Peeling Machine
 When the manufacturers of CNC veneer peeling machines are conducting mechanical research and production,they should focus on the research of energy-saving equipment.For the CNC veneer peeling machine,the energy-saving road is a long way to go!

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