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Equipment management of veneer peeling machine

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 The veneer peeling machine is an indispensable important equipment in the wood industry production process.With the widespread use of the veneer peeling machine,each manufacturer has one such equipment,but the veneer peeling machine is The use is not groping,but strictly in accordance with the process.The product of the veneer peeling machine is the re-integration and optimization of the veneer peeling machine.Facts have proved that with the reduction of the floor space,the reduction of operators,but the improvement of production efficiency is very attractive to wood processing enterprises.Because all this represents the improvement of the production efficiency of the enterprise.For an enterprise,the internal management system of the enterprise is a series of management activities carried out within the enterprise in order to complete the established production and operation goals.The level of internal management reflects the strength of an enterprise’s internal strength.With strong internal strength,an enterprise has a strong ability to resist wind and rain,a strong market competitiveness,and a strong ability to survive and develop.In the management work,any management is very important to improve the overall quality of the enterprise,and equipment management is one of them.Then let’s take a brief look at the use and management of equipment.
Equipment management of veneer peeling machine
 The staff using the veneer peeling machine should be competent for the job,and be familiar with the performance characteristics and maintenance and maintenance requirements of the equipment used.When in use,it should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual,and overload operation is strictly prohibited.During the period of use,daily maintenance,minor repairs,and medium repairs should be done in accordance with the provisions of the"Equipment Maintenance Regulations",and it is strictly forbidden to operate with diseases.

 Before starting the veneer peeling machine,check whether the position of the handle is correct,whether the limit protection measures are intact,whether the tension of the belt and the chain is suitable for work,the operator must focus on his thoughts,his hands and feet must be sensitive,and the sleeves must be tightened.Wear appropriate protective equipment.Adjust the peeling thickness of the veneer according to the process requirements,and start the machine after confirming that it is correct.If there is any abnormality during the operation of the equipment,it should be stopped immediately and the professional maintenance personnel should be notified for overhaul.Only after troubleshooting can be turned on.It is strictly forbidden to adjust the thickness of the veneer peeling after starting.Turn on the machine for 1-2 minutes,and confirm that there is no abnormality before you can officially start working.When clamping the material,the power supply must be cut off,and the clamping must be firm.When the operator leaves the machine for any reason,the power must be cut off.After get off work,cut off the power supply,clean the equipment and surrounding sanitation.
veneer peeling machine
 Good management of production equipment and improvement of equipment management are of great significance to promote the progress and development of enterprises.

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