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Features of automatic feeding debarker

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 Wood peeling is a time-consuming and laborious work in the process of peeling veneer.Now the new log automatic feeding debarker introduced by our factory can remove a log from the bark in a few seconds,and it can instantly remove many irregular knots.The log is rounded.When the rounded wood is peeled on a cardless peeling machine,the thickness uniformity of the peeling can be guaranteed.
Features of automatic feeding debarker
 With the advancement of science and technology,the automatic feeding debarker improves the efficiency of log round finding and solves the problem of round finding round logs.

 The biggest feature of the automatic feeding and peeling machine is the rapid advance and retreat of the knife,the feed pressure can be adjusted and displayed,and it is suitable for different wood peeling and rounding.Increase the peeling speed.With manual self-resetting reversing valve,the response is quick,the operation is simple,the maintenance is convenient,and the technical requirements for the operator are not high.The original manual peeling and rounding procedures can be omitted,saving 5-6 manpower.
 The use of the automatic feeding debarker has greatly changed the working environment and greatly improved work efficiency.The automatic debarker in production not only saves us the use of manpower and material resources,but also saves a lot of time and provides us with the wood industry.More development opportunities.

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