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Features of axisless CNC veneer peeling machine

 The veneer peeling machine is the key equipment for veneer peeling on the plywood production line.In recent years,although a variety of shaftless veneer peeling machines have been developed and designed in China and successfully introduced to the market,they have effectively solved the problem of secondary peeling of small-diameter wood and spindle peeling of the remaining wood core,but high precision,high efficiency,and complete Automatic shaftless veneer peeling machines are rare,and those with better results in the market are even rarer.After years of hard work,we have designed and developed this fully automatic high-speed and high-efficiency axisless CNC veneer peeling machine.Through market verification and user use in recent years,the effect is quite satisfactory.So what are the characteristics of the axisless CNC veneer peeling machine?Let’s follow the editor to learn more about it!
Features of axisless CNC veneer peeling machine

 Features of axisless CNC veneer peeling machine:

 (1)Save resources.The traditional simple shaftless veneer peeling machine has a larger core leftover after peeling,and the utilization rate of wood is lower.The intelligent axisless CNC veneer peeling machine is mainly suitable for peeling small diameter logs below 300imn and the second re-cutting of the remaining wood core of the spindle veneer peeling machine.The remaining wood core after peeling can be as small as 15mm,which greatly improves the utilization rate of wood.

 (2)High production efficiency.The traditional simple shaftless veneer peeling machine mainly adopts the change of the hanging wheel on the transmission chain to realize the requirement of peeling the veneer of different thickness.The operation is cumbersome,the labor intensity is high,and the degree of automation is low.Using the intelligent CNC veneer peeling machine,the log does not need to be peeled,it can be peeled directly on the machine.The peeling thickness of the veneer can be set according to the production requirements,which greatly simplifies the complicated debugging of the thickness of the veneer,reduces the auxiliary time,and improves Productivity.

 (3)A high degree of automation of the peeling process is realized.The axisless CNC veneer peeling machine adopts microcomputer programmable controller,electronic text display,frequency converter and CNC circuit technology with reasonable mechanical structure design,which realizes a high degree of automation in the whole process from feeding to peeling.

 (4)The quality of peeled veneer is greatly improved.The intelligent numerical control system of the CNC veneer peeling machine can automatically detect the rotation speed of the peeled log according to the thickness of the veneer set by the user,and automatically adjust the feed speed to make the thickness of the peeled veneer more uniform.Higher quality.

 (5)Reduce the labor cost of peeling veneer.The high degree of automation of the axisless CNC veneer peeling machine and the log peeling technology reduce the log peeling process and cost,reduce the start-up operator,save labor,reduce labor intensity,and reduce the manufacturing cost of peeling veneer.

 (6)Adopting a new mechanical optimized structure design,the structure is more reasonable,the accuracy is greatly improved,the performance is stable,and the cost performance is more reasonable.

 (7)The electrostatic spray technology,which is superior to the traditional spray paint process in terms of mechanical strength,adhesion,corrosion resistance,and aging resistance,is adopted to improve the grade and surface quality of the product.
veneer peeling
 The working process of the shaftless veneer peeling machine needs to be stable and the machine has no vibration,so the structure of the base is very important.The base adopts box-shaped castings,which are processed after aging treatment to ensure the installation reference and position requirements;the box-shaped structure of the middle plate assembly welding can also be used,but it must be subjected to effective vibration aging treatment to minimize the internal welding stress,To prevent welding deformation from bringing benchmark and accuracy changes to the whole machine,affecting the peeling quality of the veneer.However,the axisless CNC veneer peeling machine does not need to consider so many issues,which is very convenient and convenient.If you want to know about the advantages and advantages of the Golden Wheel Spindle Veneer Peeler System,please continue to pay attention to us!

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