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Features of debarker

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 Plate manufacturers are quite familiar with the debarker.The debarker adopts a hydraulic feed mechanism,which allows the tool to advance and retract quickly,and the feed pressure can be adjusted and displayed to adapt to the peeling and rounding of different woods.
Features of debarker
 Debarker does not have high technical requirements for workers.One peeling machine can supply two rotary cutting machines to work normally,which can save the original manual peeling and rounding procedures,and save 5-6 manpower.All transmission parts are reasonably and accurately coordinated to ensure the continuity and reliability of the equipment.So many manufacturers use debarker instead of labor.

 The debarker can achieve synchronously rotating left and right drive shafts,which are more powerful when feeding,and will not be stuck in the wood.The surface of the key components of the equipment is processed through fine processing,and the important parts of the components have been designed for countless times.Waterproof and dustproof,easier to maintain,the biggest feature is the use of hydraulic feeding mechanism,rapid advance and retreat,the pressure is adjustable,suitable for different wood peeling and rounding.The surface of the single and double rollers is treated to improve the wear resistance of the rollers and improve the efficiency of rounding.The emergence of debarker not only improves the efficiency of finding round logs,but also only requires one person to operate it,which solves the problem of finding round logs.
 The design of debarker is also more and more humane,more convenient to operate,and the requirements for personnel are relatively lower and lower.The new debarking function of the current debarker makes it cleaner and smoother to remove the bark,so that the bark and fur can go to you.The maintenance of debarker,including the timely replacement of parts,is very beneficial to our production.It is not only a guarantee of service life,but also a means to ensure production output and efficiency.Debarker is highly adaptable to wood,and can peel wood segments of different tree species,diameters,lengths and shapes.Due to the rotation and irregular beating of the wood segments,the concave part of the curved wood segment can also be very good with the peeling teeth.touch.

 believe that our debarker can bring greater benefits to the majority of users.Together,we will welcome a better development tomorrow.

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