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Features of debarker

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 The debarker is used for the rounding and rounding process of the log before processing.It lays the foundation for the use of the peeling machine.It can fully remove the bark and round the wood to prepare for the next process.One person’s operation can complete the rounding of wood,which improves the efficiency of rounding of logs.The diameter of the single and double rollers is increased,the speed of peeling is increased,the power is reasonably configured,and the production cost is reduced.The reset reversing valve is quick to respond and easy to maintain.The biggest feature is the use of a hydraulic feed device,which is faster when the knife is in or out.Different wood can be used.

 The hydraulic power station is scientifically and reasonably configured,using manual self-resetting reversing valve,quick response,simple operation,convenient maintenance,reasonable configuration of power,saving unnecessary power waste for users,and also saving production costs,as well as increasing orders,The diameter of the double rollers increases the speed of the leather.The surface of the single and double rollers is chrome-plated,which improves the wear resistance of the rollers.After many tests and theoretical combinations,the surface of the roller adopts Pythagorean linear grooves,which can make the veneer difficult to wrap around the roller.The production efficiency is improved,and the reasonable and accurate cooperation of the transmission parts can ensure the continuity and reliability of the equipment.The feature is that the hydraulic feed mechanism is adopted,the tool is moved in and out quickly,and the feed pressure can be adjusted and displayed.It is suitable for peeling and rounding of different woods.The operation of debarker does not require high technical requirements for workers.That is,one peeling machine can supply two peeling machines to work normally,eliminating the original manual peeling and rounding work..

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