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Frequency conversion operation of CNC veneer peeling machine

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 The CNC veneer peeling machine produced by Jinlun Machinery Factory adopts precision screw feed,which has high peeling precision.Different wood types can also be peeled together without affecting the thickness of the board,saving electricity,simple operation and convenient maintenance.We are for everyone Provide technical specialists to explain what you don’t understand.
Frequency conversion operation of CNC veneer peeling machine
 Shandong is the more professional CNC veneer peeling machine,especially the Jinlun veneer peeling machine,which is the best in the industry.In particular,we are also the fastest in product technical updates,because the driving force of a large number of customer application practices cannot be underestimated.The important core of the CNC veneer peeling machine technology update is mainly reflected in it,just follow the editor to understand it.

 The very important system core of the CNC veneer peeling machine is mainly the frequency converter and the automatic adjustment method of the feed.Dedicated inverters generally contain two-level storage units.The first relationship storage unit,the wood diameter calculation unit,the second relationship storage unit,and the motor speed calculation unit.The first relationship storage unit stores the corresponding relationship between the position of the worktable and the wood diameter,and the second relationship storage unit stores different orders.Corresponding relationship between the diameter of the wood under the thickness of the board and the speed of the propulsion motor.

 The above process can directly measure the position of the worktable through the displacement sensor and determine the diameter of the wood when it is working,which saves time and effort,and is simple and easy to operate.Our company’s veneer peeling machine product series are very popular with customers and have won a wide range of market demands.Your support is our unremitting efforts!
CNC veneer peeling machine
 We create brilliance with science and technology,open the future with innovation,based in Yimeng and look to the future,Jinlun Machinery Factory will,with a more energetic spirit,advance bravely in the ever-changing market tide,and strive to develop a more brilliant and brilliant tomorrow.

 In summary,in detail,we have already had a deep understanding of the frequency conversion system of the CNC veneer peeling machine.We also hope that the content summarized by the editor can help everyone.We want to know about the purchase of the veneer peeling machine Friends who need to consider what factors can read other articles on the company’s website.

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