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Frequent problems with veneer peeling machine

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 For machinery and equipment such as professional sheet production(one-board peeling machine),mastering the basic fault analysis and handling is what the operator needs to know.The card machine problem of the veneer peeling machine?Let us have a more comprehensive understanding of the actual operation of the veneer peeling machine.
Frequent problems with veneer peeling machine
 Single-board peeling machine is working,if the machine is stuck suddenly,we need to know from which angles to look at it.First of all,in addition to the knives of the veneer peeling machine,other factors can also cause it to jam.In such a situation,first stop and power off,and then check what is the cause of the jam,and check whether the nut is not tightened..The belt slips or is damaged,and then adjust and replace it according to the actual situation.Secondly,if the wood hardness is too high,the machine will work too hard,and the machine power will be small,etc.,which will cause jamming.There are also problems with the installation angle of the cutter head,etc.,which require the operator to find the crux of the problem after checking one by one before it can be further solved.

 If the power indicator light is on and the motor cannot start,it is because the power supply lacks phase or the main control line is dashed.The solution is to repair the power supply and control line and the main stop button.If the veneer peeling machine automatically feeds the knife when the veneer is peeled,and stops when the veneer is peeled,it is because the feed circuit is virtual connected or the electromagnetic clutch is slipping,and the veneer peeling knife is too high.The solution to this is to repair Whether the feed line is imaginary connected;clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel,and adjust the knife height.If the board is thick in the front and thin in the back,it is because the knife is low or the knife seam is too small.You need to adjust the knife height and knife seam according to the knife adjustment diagram.

 If the board skin cannot be connected,the reason is that the height of the veneer peeling knife is inconsistent,and the knife seam does not fit well with the knife feed wheel.The solution is to adjust the knife height of the veneer peeler,the knife seam and the knife feed wheel,Replace the wood.

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