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Function of frequency converter of veneer peeling

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 At present,the veneer peeling manufacturers use the traditional non-card centering log veneer peeling machine for processing during the veneer production process.This processing method has high precision and good quality.However,due to the existence of the card core,when the diameter of the peeled log is about 200mm,it cannot be processed on the veneer peeling machine;and when the diameter of the log is small,the rigidity of the log decreases and the quality of the peeled veneer is poor.Abandoning or processing the remaining wood core into a woodworking core board will cause a great waste of raw materials,thereby increasing the production cost of the veneer.Therefore,manufacturers generally use round wood veneer peeling machines to peel off the remaining wood core again,so that the raw materials are fully utilized.With the rapid economic development,the machine tool industry has also developed by leaps and bounds:it is reflected in the wide application of new technologies and the obvious improvement of enterprise benefits.This article will focus on the application of the frequency converter in the cardless veneer peeling machine.
Function of frequency converter of veneer peeling
 What is the function of the inverter on the veneer peeler

 What technical advantages does the inverter have on the veneer peeling:

 1.For complex peeling objects,the starting torque is large to ensure that the motor has strong cutting force and uniform output during low-speed heavy cutting.Ensure the smooth peeling and high-speed stop and restart work.

 2.Real-time dynamic high-speed calculation ensures that the peeling thickness is always maintained at the set value,so that the uniformity error of the veneer is within±0.1mm under normal peeling conditions.In some mechanical equipment,the lubricity is good,and the connection process is accurate,and the error can be within±0.05mm.

 3.Super deceleration and braking ability to ensure the instant stop of the tool post.

 4.Strong adaptability.Designed with a wide range of working voltage in accordance with the characteristics of the use of the veneer peeler.In the case of voltage fluctuations,the output torque is kept constant,and the normal operation of peeling can be satisfied at 60°or more of the rated voltage.This technology is particularly effective for many occasions where the rural power grid environment is poor.

 5.The wide speed range is adjustable,the peeling speed is fast,the efficiency is high,and it can meet the requirements of the high speed of the board.
veneer peeling

 Veneer peeling machine manufacturers

 The frequency converter simplifies the mechanical structure of the traditional veneer peeling machine selection and cutting,eliminates the error caused by the traditional mechanical equipment due to wear,and improves the peeling accuracy.The efficiency of machinery and equipment and the utilization rate of wood are improved,which brings great convenience to our production.Friends who want to know more about veneer peeling machines,please continue to pay attention to us!

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