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Grinding technology of gold wheel veneer peeler

TAG:Grinding technology of gold wheel veneer peeler  2022-8-91008People viewed
Card without card CNC veneer peeling machine and other equipment in the development of the wood industry has played an important role, and the blade is an important component of veneer peeling machine is not divided, of course, veneer peeling machine blade grinding method is also very professional, let’s take a look together:
The blade Angle of the veneer peeling machine is 30°. It is ok to use the surface grinding machine. Because the rotary cutting blade is inlaid with steel, the cutting edge steel is usually relatively brittle, and the feed quantity should be guaranteed at about 5 threads. If it is a wood cutting machine blade, the blade Angle is 45°, the use of a surface grinding machine can be ground, as long as it does not grind blue, the blade will not anneal.
When using cardless veneer peeling machine, it is very important to maintain the blade of veneer peeling machine, which plays a positive and important role in the normal operation of our work and plays a positive role in promoting the development of our wood industry.

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