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High frequency splicing machine function characteristics

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 Today,Jinlun Xiaobian for you to introduce the functional characteristics of high frequency splicing machine,high frequency splicing machine function characteristics are not clear friends should listen carefully.The existence of each thing has its existence value,like the high frequency splicing machine,it is widely used in plate processing,is a high degree of automation equipment,high precision and can bring high production efficiency,but many users are in a vague state of its function,do not know its specific functional characteristics,let’s talk about it in detail.

 Automatic high frequency splicing machine function

 Automatic plate splicing machine is a kind of woodworking machinery,high degree of automation,using high frequency medium heating generator to achieve heating,using a splicing platform with vertical pressure and lateral pressure to achieve splicing,to ensure the smooth and smooth products,and equipped with a cart feed table and roller type discharge table convenient loading and unloading;Which is used to feedback signals by the pressure sensor,azimuth sensor,photoelectric sensor,program control,through data exchange to adapt to wood stress trend and bending modulus,control the hydraulic pressure shaking scale,to ensure the quality of the plate.

 Automatic high frequency plate splicing machine,hydraulic action process,action pressure,patchwork gluing can be completely consistent,can save the operator manual valve and foot valve operation,now just gently press the button,there is time to adjust the flatness of the plate,to ensure the quality of the plate.

 Automatic high frequency board splicer

 High safety factor,the use of leading integrated hydraulic lock engineering cylinder,to achieve the level of safe and reliable operation,up,down the door and rotation warning to remind the staff at any time to pay attention to,common electric door lock and inspection sensor to ensure safe and reliable operation.

 If you are not clear about the functions and characteristics of the high-frequency splicing machine,you can send a private message to Xiaobian!

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