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High frequency splicing machine in the use of common fault solution!

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 Today,Xiaobian is going to tell you about the solution to the common faults of the high-frequency splicing machine.When Xiaobian walked to the factory in the morning,he heard several after-sales customer service staff in the factory discussing the problem of user feedback,so Xiaobian came forward to understand it.It was because there were several user feedback about the fault of the splicing machine at the near end.In fact,the failure of mechanical equipment is a common thing,there are many reasons for the failure,such as the use of a long time or a long time without maintenance is the failure,this time do not mess,let’s find out the problem and then solve it.

 As an important part of the wood processing process,high frequency plate splicing machine has greatly improved the efficiency of the whole processing process because of its own automatic characteristics.The plate splicing machine itself has a lot of skills,especially when it is used,it can make the most of its overall performance.Of course,when in use,there will inevitably be some failures.The following failures are the two cases that customers often encounter.Let’s see how our after-sales customer service is answered.

 First,the occurrence of plate fire

 Plate lighting,because of short circuit or overcurrent plate discharge,there are two reasons for this situation,the first is too much glue will lead to glue overflow flow to the plate,the second is the wood may contain metal objects and then lead to the upper and lower short circuit,this situation will lead to more serious lighting.

 Two,the occurrence of flow

 This situation is generally caused by improper operation,caused by the mismatch between anode and grid,so we must let the operator carry out professional training when using the machine.

 Automatic high frequency board splicer

 To sum up,it is about the recent customer response of the high frequency splicing machine failure and the solution of the content,if you also encounter the problem of machine failure,you can call our after-sales customer service for consultation at any time,we will serve you wholeheartedly!Want to know about the working principle of the splicing machine friends,please click to view the relevant article content!

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