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How does debarker work for a long time

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 Debarker is a good helper in the wood industry.It replaces the time-consuming and laborious problems of manpower.Once used,it has been favored by the majority of users.It has greatly changed the working environment and greatly improved work efficiency.

 Consumers who buy a debarker,of course,hope that they can work for a long time,and there will be no minor problems,but what should we do to make the debarker work longer.

 Debarker operators:Responsible for daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment,and operate in strict accordance with the safety operating procedures.It is strictly forbidden to avoid illegal operations during the debarker work process.The operators must operate strictly in accordance with the specifications,and do not work fatigue.Working after drinking,when we encounter a machine failure,we must not repair it while the machine is working,we must stop continuing the operation,turn off the equipment,immediately notify the person in charge,and contact the equipment management personnel for maintenance.Debarker needs We take care of it so that our production can proceed smoothly.

 Equipment maintenance is also very important.Machines are like human beings.They need to rest after working hours to ensure the normal operation of work.We can only work better if we get enough rest.The same is true for debarker.The whole day’s work will definitely be tired,so the maintenance of debarker is an essential element.If the debarker is parked for a long time and is not used for a long time,the power supply must be cut off,all the lubrication parts should be filled with oil,and the main shaft and cylinder should be oiled to prevent rust.

 If the thermal relay action causes a stop due to overload,you need to press the"reset"button of the thermal relay to continue the operation.Debarker regularly inspects the wearing parts of the dispersing machine,such as bearings,oil seals,etc.,and replace them immediately if they are worn.The gears,bearings,balls,shafts and sleeves and cylinders of the debarker rotating parts are filled with oil once a week.If overheating or abnormal noise is found during use,it should be checked in time.The AC contactor is checked every six months,and the equipment is checked and repaired once a year.The oil used in the debarker fuel tank is replaced every six months and the fuel tank is cleaned,and the filter is cleaned once a month,and cleaned once within two or three days after the oil change.

 Do a good job of maintenance at ordinary times.If minor problems occur,they must be solved in time,so that there will be no strikes.

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