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How to adjust the height of the veneer peeling machine

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 Veneer peeling is an important equipment for the production of plywood industry.The veneer peeling machine is mainly used to spin the wood into the desired skin,and the thickness of the skin is very important.If the thickness of the veneer peeled wood is too large or too small,it may be that the position of the blade is not suitable,and it needs to be adjusted at this time.

 When adjusting,first loosen the compression bolts on both sides,and then adjust the screws at both ends to make the gap between the slits reach the required height.You can use a ruler to check whether the heights at both ends are consistent.Or loosen the pressing bolts on both sides of the single box(single-roll table)of the veneer peeling machine,insert a feeler gauge between the knife and the single-roll,and adjust the adjustment screws at both ends of the single box so that the blade clearance is equal to or Slightly larger than the thickness of the leather being spun.

 Due to the deflection when the veneer is peeled,the blade should be slightly bent to form an upward curvature when installing the blade.The minimum diameter of the remaining logs(generally about 0.15M).After the clamping screws at both ends of the blade are tightened,adjust the top rod in the middle so that the blade can form an upward curvature,and then tighten all clamping screws.The installation angle of the blade can be adjusted by turning the handwheel.The horizontal height of the center of the card shaft shall prevail,the height of the tool tip is 0.1-0.20MM,and the heights of both ends of the tool must be exactly the same.The gap between the nut that pushes the tool holder and the screw rod should not be too large,otherwise the tool holder will vibrate when the veneer is peeled,which will affect the peeling quality of the veneer.The screw nut gap can be adjusted by adjusting the lock nut.

 When installing the veneer peeling machine blade,it should be noted that the height of the blade edge is 0-1 mm higher than the center of the wood.If there is vibration when the veneer is peeled,it is due to the low installation of the knife.Adjust the blade to Until the knife is not shaken.If the peeling resistance of the veneer is too large or the skin is broken,it is because the blade is installed too high,and it can be adjusted appropriately.The adjustment of the blade can make the equipment run better and improve work efficiency.

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