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How to adjust the thickness of the veneer peeling machine

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 When the veneer peeling machine is in use,if the veneer is rolled,this situation is generally caused by the narrow door or the high knife holder.The solution is very simple.The ram screws and adjusting screws on both ends must be loosened.Widen the door of the knife,lower the height of the knife,and tighten the screws.This can solve the problem of veneer rolling,and the uneven thickness of the veneer,mainly due to distance measurement or speed encoder or electronic ruler Some parts are damaged.If the solution is to be solved,adjust the fast forward frequency to 2Hz.Observe whether the diameter change of the log is continuous.If there is a pause,it means that the ranging encoder is broken and needs to be replaced.If the rotation speed of the roller is inconsistent with the actual rotation speed,the speed encoder needs to be replaced,and the veneer cut by the rotary cutting is wavy.In this case,it is generally caused by the excessive resistance of the knife.It is necessary to check the idling Whether the output current of the inverter is greater than 5A,if it exceeds,you need to adjust the machine,check whether the resistance caused by poor lubrication is too large

 Use a triangular ruler to lean against the upper and inner side of the double-spun roll,and use a straightedge against the top of the single-spread roll.Look at the value of the position where the lower edge of the triangular ruler meets the ruler,and then take the appropriate value according to the thickness of the veneer to be peeled.If the thickness of the veneer is less than 1mm,the value will be increased accordingly;if the thickness is greater than 2mm,the value will be decreased accordingly.When increasing the pressure,you can add spacers to the single box and the shoulder of the knife on both sides.When reducing the peeling pressure,you should reduce the spacers.When adjusting the thickness of the veneer,you should adjust the thickness of the veneer after the peeling,before and after drying and coating.Measure after gluing.The value measured before drying will be slightly larger than the value after peeling.This is because the veneer will be compressed during peeling,and the thickness of the board after drying will be smaller than before drying.After gluing It will expand later,and the thickness will decrease after hot pressing.This is the change in the thickness of the veneer from the peeling to the plywood processing.We should consider the processing allowance,drying shrinkage,and coating when peeling.Changes in glue and hot pressing.

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