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How to avoid errors in the operation of wood veneer peeling machine

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 Furniture factories and plywood factories are inseparable from mechanical equipment.Wood veneer peeling machine.Since the launch of the wood veneer peeling machine,it has improved production efficiency,saved labor,and saved wood processing plants.The company can save a lot of money.Special interest.

 The veneer peeling machine can cut into thin plates of different lengths and thicknesses.Although it is a machine,it will be tired after a long time.Errors will affect the quality of processing and sheet metal processing.How to avoid this phenomenon?Shandong Feixian Jinlun The machinery factory will answer your questions.

 Veneer peeling machine veneer thickness error has the following several reasons:

 1)Improper slope of auxiliary sliding into town;
 2)The main slide is severely worn;
 3)Small special shafts for large-diameter timber,the chuck is easy to loose,and the wood section stops when it turns;
 4)The back angle is too large,and the knife bed and wood section vibrate;
 5)The blade height of the veneer peeling machine is too high;
 6)The feed screw or nut of the tool post is severely worn.
 The above is about how the wood veneer peeling machine can avoid errors during the processing process.If there are errors when our machine is used,we only need to check one by one according to the above reasons.I believe that the error problem can be easily solved..If you want to know other friends about wood veneer peeling machine,please click to view related articles!

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