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How to determine the thickness of the veneer for the shaftless veneer peeler

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 Shaftless veneer peeler is used to make plywood materials,so manufacturers want to have a fixed thickness to make their own products.How to determine the thickness when using the veneer peeling machine?

 The plywood that you usually see,such as three plywood,five plywood,is made of single-layer thin plates splicedand glued.These layers of thin plates are also called veneers.They are usually processed by CNC veneer peeling machines.How to determine the thickness of the board?Let’s take a look together below.
How to determine the thickness of the veneer for the shaftless veneer peeler

 How to determine the thickness when the shaftless veneer peeler is peeling veneer?

 When measuring the thickness of a veneer,measure it at the same point after peeling,before and after drying,and after gluing,so that some small changes can be accurately measured.Generally,the value before drying is slightly larger than the value after rotary cutting,because the rebound of the veneer is compressed during rotary cutting,and it becomes smaller after drying than before drying.After the glue is applied,the veneer will expand,so that the thickness will increase,and the thickness will be reduced during hot pressing.This is the thickness change of the veneer in the entire plywood process.

 To grasp the change of veneer between each process,the processing allowance,the amount of compression during hot pressing,the amount of shrinkage during drying,and the change during gluing must be taken into consideration when peeling.And sometimes because of the different drying process,the shrinkage rate is different,so accurate measurement is required to grasp the accurate value.

 Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory was founded in 1999 and covers an area of51 acres.It is a large-scale professional veneer peeling machine manufacturer in China.Since its establishment,the company has been in line with the tenet of being ethical and doing things according to standards.The scientific research development and innovation of the company focus on the production of card veneer peeling machine,non-card CNC veneer peeling machine,peeling and rounding machine,veneer peeling line and other products,especially in the field of veneer peeling machine It has rapidly developed into the vanguard of the industry,a manufacturer of veneer peeling machines that has passed the EU CE certification,and the company has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification.
shaftless veneer peeler

 Shaftless veneer peeler

 In 2014,the company produced four series of more than ten models of veneer peeling machines.Jinlun Machinery Factory has always insisted on relying on scientific and technological progress to continuously improve the production process.It has 28 patents,2 invention patents and 1 appearance design.It was appraised in 2011.The quality and performance of Shandong famous brand products are widely praised in the domestic market,accounting for about 10%of the domestic market share,and about 40%of the Shandong market share.They are widely sold in Russia,Mongolia,Mexico,Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines,Vietnam,Thailand,and Palestine.In 30 countries including India,Turkey,Nigeria,etc.,under the increasingly fierce and severe market situation,Jinlun veneer peeling machine has maintained a superior development trend with its superb skills and high-end quality.The company has successively won the"Provincial Contract Abiding"Credit Enterprise",Linyi City"Top 100 Private Economy Enterprises","Shandong Star Enterprise"and other honorary titles.

 To create brilliance with science and technology,to open the future with innovation,based on Yimeng and look to the future,Jinlun Machinery Factory will,with a more energetic spirit,advance bravely in the ever-changing market tide,and strive to develop a more brilliant and brilliant tomorrow.If you want to know about other problems about the veneer peeler,please continue to pay attention to us!

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