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How to eliminate common faults of cardless CNC veneer peeling machine

 In our ordinary life,no matter what machine we use,or how good the quality of the machine is,it will inevitably be some failures after using it for a long time.Today,the editor of Jinlun Machinery will come.Let everyone know about the common faults of the non-card CNC veneer peeling machine,and how to troubleshoot these faults!

How to eliminate common faults of cardless CNC veneer peeling machine

 Common faults and troubleshooting methods of cardless CNC veneer peeling machine

 1.The board skin is uneven.

 Cause:The knife position is incorrect,the knife is not sharp,the knife seam is too small or oversized.The wood is too dry or too hard,the electromagnetic control clutch uses carbon brushes for virtual connection,and the metal bead on both sides of the tool table is adjusted and the working gap is not properly selected.

 Remedy:re-edit the tool to sharp and polish it with oil.When the knife is too high,when the knife is big,when the rotation is small,the wood will be jumped and the shape of the curtain surface appears,and the wood core is a square or six prisms.When the cutting bit is too low or the cutting pressure of the wood is several times higher than the normal spin cutting,the shrinkage deformation of the separated sheet is uniform and causes the surface of the board to be uneven.

 When the machine is peeling,it sometimes leads to the situation that it can automatically feed and stop.Generally,we only need to rotate the carbon brush one or two times to the next.If the oil tank is short of oil,it is necessary to inject clean and thin engine oil to avoid sintering of the clutch plates or slippage of the clutch.The manufacturer of the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine claims that if the knife table shakes during the peeling of wood,the uniformity of the structure board surface will be poor.The adjustment learning method is:check and tighten each fastening system component through screw technology.The distance between the pressure strips on both sides and the slider mechanism of the tool table is constantly adjusted to 0.2----0.5mm.Remember not to adjust the target too tightly.

 2.The board skin is uneven.

 Causes:the straightness of the knife is poor,the drum beats too poorly,the pressure is too large,the yin and yang sides of the wood are serious,the wood is too thin and curved.

 Removal method:sharpen the tool heavily and check the flatness of the blade.If the roller bounces,you can check whether the bearing is damaged or whether the radial gap is too large.Check whether the roller shaft is bent or deformed by the wood or the flat pressing force is too large,which affects the flatness of the plate.If it bounces,replace the new roller in time or perform self-calibration..If the pressure of the single and double rollers is too large,the height of the blade is too low or the cut is too small,the blade will exert too much pressure on the wood,which will also cause irregular deformation of the wood,directly affecting the flatness of the veneer.

 When the wood is too fine and curved,the wood will force a direct and spiral cut during the rotating cutting process,and when the wood rotates the machine,it will cause the curvature as the original bending.Uneven.Wood will always have the characteristics of Yin during the growth process or long-term storage.The manufacturer of CNC veneer peeling machine says that the density of wood is different from the degree of dryness and moisture,which leads to the surface of the rotating cut panel.Flatness is different,so wood is also a key.

 3.The slab skin changes unevenly periodically.

 Reason:The wallet is too heavy,the knife is too low or too high,the single and double roller bearings are too big.

 Exclusion research method:Correctly adjust the height of the knife position and replace the single and double roller bearings.

 4.When the thickness of the remaining wooden shafts at both ends is inconsistent,the plate is fan-shaped.

 Cause:The height of the two ends of the blade is inconsistent,the joints of the two ends of the blade are inconsistent,the single roller bearing is damaged,the screw is loose and falling off,the lower tool holder,the bottom rod,the sliding screw are loose,and the lead screw is inconsistent.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 Exclusion:No card CNC without card quantity CNC veneer peeling machine manufacturer pointed out that the height of the two ends of the knife will cause the thickness of the skin on both sides to be thin,resulting in the skin,the core is a large.One side of the knife is good,and one side of the knife is thick.

 The above is about the common faults of the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine and how to eliminate it.I hope it can help everyone.Of course,if you have any other questions about the veneer peeling machine,you can always consult us!

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