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How to improve production efficiency of CNC veneer peeling machine

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 Most people are concerned about the efficiency of the CNC veneer peeling machine.Although the production efficiency and the automation of the whole machine have been greatly improved,there are still many buyers who have to test it personally before they really understand what it is.Kind of speed.
How to improve production efficiency of CNC veneer peeling machine
 The CNC veneer peeling machine requires very high working accuracy,and the installation and coordination errors of the various components cannot be too large,otherwise it will affect the working accuracy of the CNC veneer peeling machine.Now we are from the technical aspect Talk about the error and deviation of various aspects of the CNC veneer peeling machine within what range.

 The radial movement of the card shaft is not more than 0.1 mm.The guide rail of the tool post is required to be a horizontal plane in the vertical and horizontal directions,and its deviation is not more than 0.03 mm per meter length.The two guide rails of the tool post should be parallel to each other,and the deviation should not exceed 0.04 mm per meter length of the guide rail.The misalignment of the center lines of the two main shafts does not exceed 0.2 mm.The centerline of the spindle should be parallel to the working surface of the guide rail,and its deviation should not be greater than 0.15 mm.
veneer peeling machine
 No matter what kind of woodworking machinery you use,if you want to really use its capabilities,the premise is to understand the performance of the equipment,be familiar with the operation of the equipment,and master the operating skills in use,so as to improve the efficiency of production.

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