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How to reduce the damage of the blade of the Veneer peeling machine

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 The blade of the veneer peeling machine is very important for the veneer peeling machine.It directly determines whether the product produced by the rotary cutting meets the target expectation.How to reduce the wear and damage of the blade in daily production,extend the life of the blade,and operate it correctly It can improve product quality and work efficiency,and create greater value for the enterprise.
How to reduce the damage of the blade of the Veneer peeling machine
 If you want to reduce the damage of the blades of the veneer peeling machine,you should pay attention:the blade angle of the veneer peeling machine should be 30 degrees,and you can use a surface grinder.Because the blades of steel inserts are usually brittle,the resistance is too large and easy to break The feed amount can be kept at about 5 threads.The blade edge angle of the chipper is 45 degrees,and a surface grinder can be used.As long as the blade is not blue,the blade will not be annealed.When installing the blade,pay attention to whether the height of the blade is maintained at the same level and whether the nut is tightened.When in use,pay attention to whether the blade is working properly and whether it is loose,etc.,and deal with it in time if a problem is found.After use,the veneer peeler should be properly installed,and do not place it in a humid or corrosive environment,otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the blade and the veneer peeler.

 The wear resistance of the veneer peeling machine’s knives directly affects the use of woodworking machinery.The wear resistance is relatively good.Using technology to process the veneer peeling machine’s knives can not only improve the veneer peeling machine’s wear resistance.Production efficiency can also reduce the loss caused by frequent tool changes and improve the wear resistance of the tool,mainly to improve the ability of the tool to resist abrasion and to improve the ability to resist corrosion and wear.Appropriate heat treatment to veneer peeling machine tools can increase the hardness of the surface and increase the degree of wear resistance of the tools.The surface chemical composition of the tool can be changed through the infiltration technology,so that the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the tool can be improved.Thermal spray treatment can heat and melt a variety of materials such as metals and alloys,and use high-speed airflow to atomize and spray the materials on the surface of the tool,so that the wear resistance of the tool is better.
veneer peeling machine
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