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How to reduce the wear of the veneer peeling machine

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 The veneer peeling machine is a new type of woodworking machinery and equipment that has appeared in recent years,and has become an indispensable equipment for board manufacturers.However,this equipment is prone to damage after a period of use.According to analysis,the reasons for this phenomenon are:

 In the process of growth or storage,wood will always have the characteristics of facing the sun and facing the shade.Therefore,the density and dryness and wetness of the two sides of the wood are different,so the veneer peeling machine applies different forces when peeling wood such as veneer.,will also accelerate its damage.

 Because the log is not round,the veneer peeling is discontinuous,which not only causes wear of the veneer peeling machine,but also produces a part of broken veneer,resulting in waste of board.

 When we are tired from work,we will rest for a while to recharge our batteries and continue to work hard.The same is true for the veneer peeling machine,which also needs to rest,so as not to overheat the machine or loosen the parts,causing it to be damaged.Therefore,the veneer peeling machine should be used correctly and reasonably in daily work.

 The reason for the wood:If the wood is too thin and bent,the veneer peeler will increase the automatic feeding pressure during the veneer peeling process,and the wood will be forcibly straightened and the veneer peeled,which will make the veneer peeler.The phenomenon of uneven force appears,which accelerates its wear.The cutting force also varies with the angle between the cutting direction and the fiber direction.Among the three basic cutting directions,the end cutting force is larger,the longitudinal cutting force is second,and the transverse cutting force is smaller.

 If the thickness of the veneer peeling board is too large,the speed will be reduced,so when the veneer peeling machine is working,the thickness of the wood is inversely proportional to the speed of the veneer peeling.

 The veneer peeling machine knife is a major factor affecting the working efficiency of the veneer peeling machine.During high-speed veneer peeling,the blade is in direct contact with the wood,which will generate considerable cutting resistance and friction,which will affect the The veneer peeling speed of the veneer peeler.

 There are many wearing parts on the veneer peeling machine,mainly including the feed screw,the chuck shaft and the shaft sleeve,the main slide and the slider,the pressure gauge holder,and the matching surface of the tool holder.And these wearing parts often have the following effects on the equipment:

 When these wearing parts are seriously worn,the accuracy of the equipment will be reduced,and the quality of the veneer will also be affected.If the feed screw or nut is worn,the tool holder will be loose,and the thickness of the veneer after peeling the veneer will vary.The wear of the clamping shaft and the shaft sleeve will make the shaft loose,which will cause the rotation to be out of circle,and also cause the thickness of the veneer to vary.The wear of the main slide will cause the cutting angle of the veneer peeling tool to change when the veneer is peeled,resulting in a thick outer veneer,a thin inner ring,or a wave shape.

 The surface of the pressure gauge frame or the tool holder is seriously worn,and there will be horizontal sliding.When the veneer is peeled,the wood will push the pressure gauge back,which increases the gap of the knife door,resulting in insufficient pressure of the pressure gauge on the veneer,and the veneer is removed.The veneer from the leather is rough.

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