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How to solve the wear of the shaftless veneer peeling machine

   In modern construction projects, we often use many different shapes of panels, long or short, large or small, so how are they cut from a large whole? This is the "credit" of the peeling machine. Well, the process is not always smooth sailing. We know that mechanical equipment is easy to cause wear during use, especially woodworking machinery. Today, I take the shaftless veneer peeling machine as an example. Let’s talk about the reasons for its wear and tear, let’s follow the editor to understand it.
How to solve the wear of the shaftless veneer peeler?
 Why does the shaftless veneer peeling machine wear out when used? How to deal with it?

 One reason is that the thickness of the wood is uneven, the mechanical operation is not continuous, and some broken veneers cannot be used continuously.

 Then one reason is that the wood-fixed chuck consumes the end of the machine, causing the blade to become dull, and the running speed will slowly decrease, which affects productivity. Therefore, the peeling machine must be regularly inspected and maintained, and parts must be replaced and repaired regularly, so as to avoid problems.

   Before using the shaftless veneer peeling machine, you must first fully understand the structural performance of the equipment, avoid overloading, stop and check in time when there is a problem, and pay attention to the inspection of each transmission belt, and keep the lubricating oil tank clean. .
Shaftless veneer peeling machine

 Shaftless veneer peeling machine

 The above is why the shaftless veneer peeling machine often has the problem of wear. To reduce the occurrence of these conditions, we must operate safely during use, save materials, use rationally, and reduce waste of resources. Friends who want to know about the peeling process of the CNC axisless veneer peeling machine and how to do if the knife jumps, please click to view the content of the related article!

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