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How to use the blade of the veneer peeler machines correctly

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 In order to maintain a better wearing effect for a long time,you should pay attention to some problems whether it is drying or washing.In order to ensure the running speed of the car,some things should be paid attention to when using the motor.As for the veneer peeling machine,the rotary knife is an important tool for peeling wood.Therefore,when using the veneer peeling machine,you should pay attention to the use of some rotary knife skills.This will not only ensure normal production,but also extend the veneer The main method of peeling machine life.So today,Jinyang Machinery will share with you the method of processing the blades of the veneer peeler.
veneer peeler machines
 The cutting edge angle of the rotary cutting blade is 30°.It is fine to use a surface grinder.Because the cutting edge of the rotary cutting blade is inlaid with steel,the cutting edge steel is usually brittle,and the amount of cutting should be guaranteed to be about 5 wires.If it is a wood chipper blade,the blade angle of the wood chipper blade is 45°,and it can be ground with a surface grinder.As long as the blade is not blue,the blade will not be annealed.We usually use surface grinders to produce chipper blades.Black corundum grinding wheels are sufficient.Manual grinding is generally not recommended.No matter how good the workmanship is,the edge of the knife cannot be sharpened.For the card veneer peeler,the maintenance of the blade is very important.The blade must be processed in time during use to ensure the normal operation of the card veneer peeler.

 The correct use of the blade is very important for the veneer peeler.Of course,it is not only the blade,and only the maintenance of all parts of the veneer peeler can ensure the smooth production.

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