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Installation skills of the blades of the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine

 Today,the editor of Jinlun will teach you a very practical technique,that is,the installation technique of the blades of the non-card CNC veneer peeling machine.Let’s take a serious study!
Installation skills of the blades of the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine
 Veneer peeling machine,as a very thin veneer,has very important functions in all wood-based panel production processes.It can be divided into carded veneer peeler and cardless veneer peeler.With the development of technology,the quality and precision of the cardless CNC veneer peeler in the production of veneer have been greatly improved.,Further improve productivity and automated production.The remaining wood core produced by the card veneer peeling machine is used for the second time,and the veneer is cut into different thickness within a certain range of diameter.

 Three minutes to teach you how to install the blades of the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine!

 The blade is a key component of the veneer peeling machine.It is a CNC blade used to spin wood into veneer.Misunderstanding of the installation of the blade will endanger the application of the equipment.Today,we will talk about the installation and grinding of the blade.,I look forward to helping everyone.

 When installing,take the centerline height of the chuck shaft as a reference,turn the anchor bolts to first customize the knives on both sides,and then accurately position the middle height,so that the blade edge and the chucking shaft management center of the equipment are on the same horizontal line,and then Tighten the nut.

 The height of the cutting edge is 0-1 mm higher than the management center of the wood.If vibration occurs during the peeling,it is because the knife is installed low.Adjust the cutting edge to not shake the knife.If the frictional resistance of the peeling is too large or the skin is broken,it is because the blade of the veneer peeler is installed too high,and it can be moderately lowered to fit.
Cardless CNC Veneer Peeling Machine

 Cardless CNC Veneer Peeling Machine

 The above is about the installation skills of the cardless CNC veneer peeling machine blades.I believe you have learned this after reading this article.In fact,no matter what you do,you have skills.It depends on whether you are patient to find it.Friends who want to know the functional skills of other veneer peelers can continue to follow us!

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