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Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Commission,delivery,installation

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 Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Commission,delivery,installation


 The machine has been tested at our factory in order to insure the electric control system and moving parts work correctly.During test,different diameter logs were test cut and comply with the design specification.
Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Commission,delivery,installation

 All the components,including the disassembled parts,were checked before being packed and delivered.When you receive the machine,firstly check if any damage which may have occurred during transportation.

 Unless otherwise required,the machine is delivered with its rotary cut blade fixed on the blade seat.Furthermore,to make it easier to transport,the machine has been fitted with four wooden blocks,wooden blocks must be removed before installing it to the working area.

 The accessories and supplements have been packed in a wood box.The unpainted metal parts are protected to prevent them from oxidation during transport and storage.These parts are generally treated with a thin coat of oil or grease.The guiding devices of blade seat and rollers have also been wrapped in protective paper.If the machine’s journey is particularly long(for instance,it is delivered by sea),it is also covered with a coat of protective wax.

 Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Lifting the machine

 ATTENTION!The person in charge of lifting the machine must carry out these operations with the utmost care and attention to avoid damaging people or things.

 The machine can be lifted with a forklift truck or with an overhead traveling crane or chain block.When moving machine,try to lower its barycenter and utmost to keep it stable and viewable.Special lifting hook designed for easier lifting machine by crane or chain block.Only designed hook and proper steel rope can be used for lifting.Do not overload when lifting and prevent damage the prominent machines.
Veneer Peeling Machine
 Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Machine installation

 The machine should be installed in a well light area.Machine should be positioned on a level and solid surface and the floor must be able to safely withstand the weight of the machine.Enough space should be left around the machine to enable easy operation and repair work.

 Remove the wood blocks before positioning the machine,The base of the foot should exceed approximately 10 cm out from the base of the bench.After position the machine,remove the oilpaper wrapping in the roller and guiding device.Remove any traces of protective things,anti-oxidizing oil and grease from guiding devices.If these parts are treated with a coat of protective wax,rinsing it by using non-toxic,mild and non inflammable detergents.

 Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Electric connections

 Make sure the operations must be done by professional persons.firstly,open the electric control box using the key supplied,insert 4 cores cable at least 6 mm2 into hole.connect power cable to terminal L1、L2、L3 and PE.

 Always make sure the machine is properly earthed

 Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Replace Rotary Cut Blade

 After certain period of working,rotary cutting blade may appeared abrasion.This will effect the quality of peeling,in this case,blade needed to be disassembled for grinding.(better to grind it for half hour by oil stone so that the rotary cut blade can be sharper).After grinding,reinstall te blade to its original position.(145mm from blade to blade position block)

 Please wear the protective gloves when changing rotary cut blade to avoid injuring your hands.

 The processes must be followed when changing rotary cut blade:

 Firstly,make sure the electricity has been disconnected,loosening 9 bolts one by one in spanners,taking the rotary cutting blade off from the top blade bolts,and then installing the rotary cutting blade which has been well grinded after clearing the blade seat and blade surface,tighten it to the blade surface after adjusting the blade height.

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