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Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Common malfunctions

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  Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-General malfunction and eliminating methods

eliminating methods
axis jump
Blade position too low
Lift up the blade
Blade gap too wide
Loose bolts at the side of roller seat,advance single roller seat to needed gap
thick and thin endpeels in section
uneven blade gap at two ends
Advance it when gap larger and pull it back when gap smaller to get needed gap.
Different blade height at two ends
Re-measure the blade height, the lift up or lower it at the theoretical
position(100mm below double roller)
different gap in blade seat
Turn transmission gear, advance it if gap bigger and back when gap smaller.
Peel rolling canister
small gap between single and double rollers
Remove one or two layers of sheet iron between single roller seat and blade seat ( increase the gap)
rotary blade too high
slightly lower the blade height
Blade gap too small
Increase the gap of blade and single roller
Poor smooth peels
rotary cut blade too low
Slightly raise blade height
Too big of blade gap
Adjust the gap to smaller
non-sharp rotary cut
use oil stone to grind edge of knife for
times or change a new one
Un-equality of peels thickness
1 Not Proper blade gap
2 Single roller bearing broken
Adjust the gap from the standard blade height according to peels thickness Replace single roller bearing
Asbestos appears
at peels ends
large blade gap in middle and small gap at ends
non-straight blade, concave in middle, blade need to be re-grinded
knob in the middle
of peels
Too small blade gap in middle and large at two ends
non-straight blade, knob in middle. Blade need to be re-grinded
Scratches between
guiding shaft and guiding seat
Poor lubrication,lack of oil
Add lubrication oil or change a new guiding shaft and guiding seat
Poor activity of AC
Voltage too low I
Increase capacitance, increase voltage

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