JinLun machine factory produces veneer peeling and debarker.

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Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Components and accessories

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      Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Components and accessories

  Main parts of the machine:

  1.Single Roller Transmission Device

  2.Double Roller Transmission Device

  3.Advance Transmission Device

  4.Advance guiding Device

  5.Gear Changing Device

  6.large gear shield

  7.Advance Transmission shield

  8.Electric Control Box

  Concomitant Accessories of the Machine:

  1、Edge cutting knife 4 sets;

  2、Gear for Changing 10 sets;

  3、Canister spanner of 19,24 1 set for each;

  4、Special tools for disassembly pattern roller 2 sets;

  5、Idler wheel shaft(Including round bolts and stop washer)2 sets;

  6、Double roller for without-clip(double rows 11)2 units;

  7、Double row chain(16A-2×19)2 units;

  8、Operator’s manual 1 set;

  9、Product certification 1 page;

  10、Packing lists 1 page.

  Equipment available on request

  1 Changing Chain Wheel

  2 Changing Gear

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