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Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Safety operation rules

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 Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Safety operation rules

 Most accidents are caused by failure to comply the safety regulations.It is very important to remember that that safety devices provided by manufacturer are only for the basic accident prevention.The owner of the machine,operators,and maintenance people are the key points for safety operation.The owner of the machine must guarantee that associated personnel obtained the training courses on safety regulation.Safety operating regulation should be posted at working area

 1.Machines should be operated only by workers who obtained training,in good health condition and suitable for the job and work reliable.

 2,It is not allowed to operate,maintain and repair the machine by those whom under the influence of alcohol,medicine and the similar cases.

 3.Before start machine,operator shall check if all safety devices function properly and if machine in visible defects.

 .4.If machine are with any defects,especially those defects related on safety regulations,operator must notify the leaders or maintenance people.

 5.If machine problems endanger the safety operation of the machine,machine must be stopped immediately.Operator must shut off the power supply and post warning sign on machine.

 6.When repair machine or carry out other work on machine,all related person must be notified.If it does not need to supply the electric power,the power switch must be locked at OFF position.

 7.Technical improvement might affect machine operation and safety.Therefore,this work must only be executed by technical personnel from the manufacturer or authorized people.Otherwise manufacturer will not be liable for any losses caused by improper improvement.

 8.If can not guarantee safety devices working properly during installation and maintenance,the work must be executed by authorized personnel and they must assure no harm to human and machine

 9.Never let machine running without operator’s observation.Never run machine with defective or malfunction of indicator lights and control components.

 10.Before starting the machine,make sure that all parts have been installed properly and without damaged components.Operator should familiar with the operate buttons.All irrespective objects(cloths,tools,etc)must be removed from the machine.

 11.Never supply electric power when voltage over 15%than rated one.Otherwise components may be damaged.

 12.High voltage in electric control box.Un-professionals are not allowed to touch it to avoid electric shock after power connected.

 13.When rotary peel log,shall stop main motor first,then put into log and start the machine.

 14.When machine is in running,never attempt to use service tools and cleaning devices on machines.Never put hands into the machine while it is in running.

 15.When machine in rotary peeling,never touch running parts by hand.Non-operator not allowed to approach.It is strictly forbidden to remove protection cover.

 16.The remaining wood shaft should be knocked out by a little wood axis or other subjects.It is forbidden to touch wood shaft by hand.

 17.Operator must work on a steady and better balanced ground.Working area must be well lighted.

 18.Two journey limited switches must be checked regularly.If found any one broken,must be replaced with a new one to prevent strike.

 19.During machine running,pay attention if any strange noise heard.If yes,shall stop machine immediately and cut off power supply.Machine can be restarted only after the malfunction founded and eliminated.

 20.Never operate the machine outside or exposed at raining and moisture conditions.

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