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Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Technical features

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 Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Technical features

 Function and features

 WWXQ130 non-clip veneer lathe is a machine to rotary cut the timber axes or little logs to veneer.The machine was fixed by double rows of rollers seat and making blade seat move along the guiding devices under drive of the around arc board,achieving continuous rotary cutting of timber accordingly.Wood peel can be regulated in extent of rotary thickness by exchanging gear.

 The machine has advantage for the tight of structure,stability of performance,easy to operate,high efficiency in production,etc.
Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Technical features
 Identification data

 Each machine we produced is fixed with a name plate.An exact description of the machine model and serial number will recognized rapidly,contents for name plate are as follows:

 A、Name of machine

 B、Type of Machine

 C、Rotary Cutting Size

 D、Rotary cutting length

 E、Rotary cutting speed

 F、Power of machine

 G、Machine weight

 H、Overall size

 I、Date of manufacture

 J、Serial number of manufacture

 Attention!It is prohibited to modify the information given on the plate and punched on the frame.Plate information shall be protected properly and provide it to the manufacturer when machine is in trouble or problem may help to get the quick and effective after-sales service from the manufacturer.

 Technical Feature

 ⑴Double Roller Motor:7.5Kw/440V/50HZ/1440rpm;

 ⑵Single Roller Motor:5.5Kw/440V/50HZ/1440rpm;

 ⑶Rapid forward&backward Motor:1.1Kw/440V/50HZ/920rpm;

 ⑷Rotary Cut Blade Dimension(Length×Width×Thickness)(mm):1400×130×12.7;

 ⑸Cut Timber Size(Diameter×Length)(mm):φ300×1300;

 ⑹Blade Arc Length(mm):(1)Vertical Grinding:33;(2)Plain Grinding:36~40;

 ⑺Double Pattern Rolling Curve Speed(m/min):26;

 ⑻Overall Dimension(Length×Width×Height)(mm):2800×2050×1180;

 ⑼Total Machine Weight(kg):2800;

 ⑽Machine Voltage:3P/440V/50HZ;

 ⑾Storage condition:-25℃~60℃;

 ⑿Operation condition:-10℃~50℃;

 ⒀Maximum Relative Humidity 90%without condensation or water;

 ⒁Maximum Operating Altitude Above Sea Level:Under 1000m(If exceed this height,rated current value will decrease 1%every 100 meter increased)。

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