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Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Use of the machine

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 Instructions for Veneer Peeling Machine-Use of the machine

 Adjustment of replaced chain wheel and gear

 The machine is equipped with replaced chain wheel in plant.Choose the proper chain wheel on basis of rotary thickness when it exceeded the assumed extent.Replacing chain wheel as follows:remove tighten bolts by using spanner(avoid hammer the gear directly at most)and then out it in gear,tighten it with lid,gasket and bolt.

 Replacing the chain wheel as follows:firstly,remove tighten bolts,take replaced chain wheel away by hammer and then put it in gear which is proper,tighten it with lid,gasket and bolt.

 Adjustment of blade gap

 Loosen six M16 bolts on the single roller seat and rotate nuts when adjusting the blade gap to a bigger or smaller one.Press six M16 bolts on both sides tightly until the blade in proper,finally,tighten the nuts.

 Fix log position

 May load log by labor or crane on log supporter,log shall be placed between two edge blades.If lean to one side,shall use wooden bar to move and balance it.

 Pre-tight the log

 Start single and double roller,click push button to advance motor,after lifting the log,fix it at the status as before peeling.

 When click rapid advance motor,only when clutch pull to a disconnect position

 Peeling of log

 Fixed log at the status as before peeling,clutch to connect position,blade seat in peeling condition till final journey limited switch active.Cut off single and double roller motor,peeling process finished.(blade seat may back to proper position automatically when peeling process finished if machine equipped with electromagnetic)

 Remove remain wood shaft

 When peeling finished,pull clutch to a disconnect position.Click backward button to return blade seat to a proper position(electromagnetic do not have the operation as stated).Knock wooden axis out using wood and then be ready for next working process.

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